The Story
behind Listed.

I am Renate.

Proud founder and owner of Listed. Listed collects and selects stays in the Netherlands that meet a certain standard, a standard appropriate for our audiences, and therefore appropriate for on the platform. And every time I have viewed, experienced, lived, embraced such an accommodation, it is only added to the list with delightful stays. Just a bit different, smaller scale, more blissful, off the beaten track.

The Netherlands Specialist.

Listed is the Holland Specialist, with a special eye for what is not immediately on the beaten track. Away from mass tourism Listed takes you to centuries-old towns and villages, to atmospheric accommodations, places full of peace and quiet and much more. Immerse yourself in nature, go on surprising city trips, indulge in culture, enjoy good food and drink, surprise your senses or just chill out. It's all possible in the Netherlands.

You do not have to travel far to make memories and have unforgettable experiences. Journeys of discovery begin just around the corner.

Listed inspires.

Hopefully, my passion for the Netherlands will be contagious and inspire you to (re)discover the Netherlands. For a day out, weekend away or mini-holiday. The Netherlands has so many places that you absolutely must have seen and that are begging to be visited. All the addresses, places and activities I talk about have a high 'feel good' factor. Discovered, embraced, Listed for you! Enjoy.


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