General Terms and Conditions

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  • Listed is an independent platform on which all listed stays have been personally visited and selected.
  • Listed is an inpirational platform that gives accommodation providers/entrepreneurs the opportunity to be visible. Listed does not guarantee the number of bookings.
  • On the Listed platform, stays/entrepreneurs who pay an annual fee for their listing are advertised. The stays are displayed randomly in the search results.
  • For a listing on request under the inspiration tab on the Listed platform, an additional fee is payable.
  • Listed has all data checked for truth by the accommodation/entrepreneur before a listing on its platform goes online. Listed is not liable for claims due to untruths on the website that were not reported by the accommodation/entrepreneur.
  • The accommodation/entrepreneur pays an annual fee for being listed on Listed's platform, which is invoiced in advance for a year with a payment term of 15 days from the date of going online. Listed does not receive commission on bookings made at the accommodation.
  • The listing of a residence on the Listed/entrepreneur platform is tacitly renewed for the duration of 1 year, unless cancelled in writing (by e-mail) by the residence 3 months before the end of the term.
  • Listed reserves the right to discontinue the listing on its platform. For example if there are regular complaints from visitors or if the accommodation/entrepreneur no longer fits the Listed concept. Or if the accommodation does not fulfil its annual payment obligation. A refund of the advance payment is then not possible.
  • The prices of listings on the Listed platform are reviewed annually and adjusted if necessary. If there is a price change, the accommodation/entrepreneur will be informed in good time.
  • Listed shall not be liable for the inoperability of its platform.
  • Listed does its utmost to ensure that the information on its platform is accurate and up-to-date. Nevertheless Listed cannot guarantee that there is no incorrect information on its platform.
  • Visitors of Listed are linked to the website of the accommodation/entrepreneur and book directly with the accommodation. Listed is not responsible for these bookings.
  • Listed accepts no liability for the consequences of incorrect or modified information.
  • Listed is not responsible for the content of the websites of its affiliated accommodations/operators.
  • Any complaints by guests are not covered by Listed's liability.
  • Listed is not responsible for any experience when visiting the affiliated accommodation.
  • Listed does not assume any responsibility for rights that may be associated with image rights, trademark rights or copyrights of the stays/entrepreneurs.

All rights reserved
The material on the Listed platform is subject to intellectual property rights. Listed permits the visitor to copy small parts of the site for personal use but the information contained therein may not be made public without the consent, written or otherwise, of Listed.


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