6x culinary delights and great sleep!

Go on a culinary voyage of discovery at Mondragon in Zierikzee.

Overlooking the Noordhaven gate and the old sailing ships on the quay, you soon imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. We were surprised by perhaps one of Zeeland's most beautiful spots. Cristobal de Mondragón, Spanish general from the 16th century, gave his name to the beautiful building where the luxury Hotel Mondragon is located. In addition to the fine hotel rooms and suites, you can also enjoy excellent culinary delights here.

Take at Restaurant Cristó seat at one of the beautiful tables. If you know your classics, the translation of French cuisine into the contemporary version will make you chuckle. But don't worry, even if you are less classically trained, you will enjoy the menu and dishes. On the menu, they make brief forays into Basque cuisine from time to time. They owe that to Cristó, namesake of the restaurant, and born and raised in this gastronomic region of Spain.

On the wine list, you'll find mostly European wines. And they don't shy away from recommending beautiful matching beers - or a gin-tonic. Want to know more? Then go to This link.

Delicious products from the region at Landgoed de Havixhorst in Schiphorst.

The Havixhorst of the Wijland family offers a great ambience. A top restaurant with delicious products from the region, and spacious, characteristic hotel rooms with beautiful high ceilings. And if, like us, you are a lover of a sumptuous breakfast, this is a valhalla.

The lunch menu of the Havixhorst "Le Midi" contains dishes for a more extensive lunch. So a small selection "à la carte" and a delicious lunch menu for a fair price. Do you really want to splurge? That is also possible! They also offer an extensive 5-course menu based on the dinner menu. For that luxurious 'lazy lunch' feeling. In Restaurant De Havixhorst, which is acknowledged by the Michelin Guide, Gault Millau and the Lekker 500, you dine in style.

The space alone. Tastefully laid tables, candlelight, an age-old ambiance. Not at all difficult to feel at ease here. The chef carefully selects the best local ingredients. Fruit and vegetables from small-scale farms in the ancient cultural landscape around the river De Reest. The finest meat from local game, Zuidwoldiger wool pig, tender Highland lamb or their own Scottish Highlanders, full of flavour. Be sure to ask if you can take a look in the treasure chamber of The Havixhorst: the wine cellar. The long, narrow wine cellar is a 'must see'. Want to know more? Then go to this link.

At De ABDIJ in Dokkum, they get their ingredients from Frisian soil.

The beautiful listed building that was once part of the Abbey and converted into an orphanage in 1535 now houses Hotel De ABDIJ and restaurant Proef | Lokaal Dokkum. The building totally breathes the days of yesteryear, but in a modern and luxurious way. Beamed ceilings, natural tones, a beautiful authentic courtyard, fine.

For the best of Dokkum cuisine, top chef Liudger van der Meer and host Lammert Kalsbeek welcome you to restaurant "Proef | Lokaal Dokkum" at De ABDIJ. Liudger has specialised in various fermentation techniques. By fermenting, he provides a unique way to extend the season for many products.

A table at Taste | Local Dokkum is an experience and surprise at the same time. For three to six courses, you are treated to a surprise menu that has it all. Taste, smell, colour, experience, it's all in the menu where no sense is short of something. This is the new Frisian cuisine; an ode to Fryslân's flavours and products. Want to know more? Then go to this link.

Discover the versatile gastronomy of Boutique Hotel Texel, with the potato as the basis of every dish. 

Wake up rested with views over the countryside, dunes and towards the mud flats? Relaxing in Spa Woolness or in a superior suite with private terrace and sun shower? Boutique Hotel Texel offers the best of three worlds: 45 luxuriously atmospheric rooms & suites, fresh home-grown regional dishes and a unique Spa Woolness.

For a gastronomic highlight, this is the place to be. At Restaurant Gusta they live with the seasons, each season has its own menu. They attach great importance to their own cultivation and local products. Ingredients from their own farm form the basis and in cooperation with local suppliers they combine their passion. And you can taste that! They are proud that Gusta can be called a Dutch Cuisine restaurant. In this way they contribute to the objective of Dutch Cuisine: promoting the Dutch kitchen and food culture. Here the potato gets the leading role and is the star of the restaurant. It combines the best qualities a product can have: It is a nutritious ingredient and is grown sustainably. It is healthy and a culinary jack-of-all-trades.

That is why they put the "ordinary" tuber in a sexy jacket. No complicated menu but simply: different, regional, sometimes classic and a little exotic. In addition, they want to get the potato out of its negative corner. The potato is not bad, fattening or boring. Just the opposite! The potato is very tasty, contains few calories and is gastronomically versatile and tasteful. What more could you want? Want to know more? Then go to this link.

Culinary estate Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum brings passion to the table.

Walking across the estate to Culinary Country Estate Parc Broekhuizen a wonderfully relaxed feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life overwhelms you. What a beautiful location and how nice that the owner decided to convert this estate into a stylish contemporary hotel. Inside the hotel, you are short of eyes. So many details stand out. In particular, we mention the wall paintings, which are really beautifully restored. The modern chandeliers, the beautiful carpet. Culinary Estate Parc Broekhuizen has managed to preserve old ornaments, beautiful original window frames, floors and interior and match this perfectly with contemporary lighting, furniture and art.

At Restaurant Voltaire they take you on a gastronomic journey full of discoveries, inventive dishes and impeccable service, in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Here, love for pure products and for the profession prevails.

Restaurant Voltaire brings passion to the table and literally gives you a look into the kitchen. One in which the young, ambitious Michelin Chef Arturo Dalhuisen is in charge and where it is all about scent, experience, balanced taste sensations, depth in dishes and unique details. Pull up a chair in a comfortable setting and let yourself be surprised in the most personal way!

Culinary estate Parc Broekhuizen has made a dream come true: A second restaurant. LOF is a bistro, but not just any bistro. The old, monumental farmhouse next to the orangery was turned into a breathtaking restaurant concept that combines the beautiful history with a 21ste century setting. Guests therefore have the luxury of being able to indulge once more in the bistro LOF after an evening of gastronomic enjoyment in the Michelin-starred Voltaire restaurant. Want to know more? Then go to this link.

Experience old times and taste the flavour of here at Flora Batava.

How proud Agnes would have been to be able to see her restored Buitenplaats de Vijverhof again. Around 1670, the then owner Agnes Block realised a Buitenplaats and also had an orangery and beautiful gardens laid out here including graceful avenues and ponds. And now, over 300 years later in 2021, the former Buitenplaats has been fully restored and has the destination of a beautiful Boutique Hotel and atmospheric restaurant. Welcome to Flora Batava. The 45 rooms (divided between the main building and the coach house) come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, including rooms with beamed ceilings, views of the Vecht and the garden, tall windows, special art and lamps.

Restaurant Bloom is accessible to all. The high ceilings, intimate room en suite and large glass conservatory create a cosy, informal and contemporary atmosphere. In the kitchen, they like to work with carefully selected regional and seasonal ingredients. The menu is created with a passion for the flavours and versatility of Dutch produce. The team aims to surprise with dishes characterised by stylish simplicity, elegance and pure flavours. Want to know more? Then go to this link.

Eat well and enjoy!

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