Explore The Hague like a local!

Yes, that The Hague is the city of politics and palaces we all know, but you can also experience The Hague in another way. Anuschka, owner of La Paulowna Boutique Hotel is happy to share her secrets with Listed, but adds, "Don't tell too many." Um no, we won't.

We start at the beginning.
The Hague is known as the Court City with plenty of international allure and grandeur. Stately embassy buildings all around you and, of course, the Lower House, Ridderzaal and Noordeinde Palace. The tranquillity and French atmosphere of Anna Paulownaplein is therefore striking. A square surrounded by various catering establishments and: the beautiful building of La Paulowna Boutique Hotel. The Zeeheldenkwartier district, where La Paulowna is located, is one of the oldest and, as far as we are concerned, one of the most surprising districts of The Hague. We start our "Explore The Hague like a local" tour at La Paulowna with a tasty Fairtrade coffee and where Anuschka shares her The Hague pearls with us.

Anuschka and her husband Wim started La Paulowna Boutique Hotel in 2015. A lovely place to stay, with attention to sustainability and the suites are very nicely done in various colours. A fun fact about the rooms is that they are all decorated differently by Anuschka, with vintage furniture, often refurbished or made by her husband Wim. They are big proponents of material reuse and have used mostly local materials and furniture and accessories bought from vintage markets, refurbished for reuse for the interior design. Across the square (above a laid-back wine bar), La Paulowna has several more fine suites with beautiful windows and views of the square. They are proud of their collaboration with Restobar Bayonne where French & Spanish Basque is cooked and located in the same building. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

Explore The Hague like a local and cycle with the Hagenaars.
The Hague is best explored by bike. And so, with a bike basket full of tips from Anuschka, we hop on the hotel bike. On the programme are at least the Zeeheldenkwartier and the Hofkwartier. Anuschka tipped us to cycle back via the Denneweg. The Denneweg is famous for its modern version of the disk of 5: Wining, Dining, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty. A hip 'quartier' with boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Feel like getting a breath of fresh air and still have time to spare? Then pedal on and be on the beach in Scheveningen within 20 minutes.

If you want something just a little different.
Zeeheldenkwartier is one of The Hague's cosiest city districts. Located at the edge of The Hague city centre, this is the neighbourhood where you will find many authentic shops, friendly restaurants and cafés, sunny squares and beautiful art nouveau buildings. No wonder, then, that Zeeheldenkwartier is hugely popular with locals in The Hague. The main shopping streets are Prins Hendrikstraat, Zoutmanstraat, and Piet Heinstraat. Here you will find a variety of fun home furnishing shops, trendy design shops, galleries, small clothes shops, supermarkets and plenty of speciality shops. For instance, you will find a thousand-and-one handmade oriental products at Gomsa and shop your first guitar at Guitar Chop Shop.

And on again.
We cycle on towards the gardens of Noordeinde Palace. Now you can leave the palace gardens via the normal gate eventually, but ssstt...there is a secret door to the Hofkwartier. A real door with a bell and if you're lucky, the marechaussee will let you walk through a secret path and gate to Noordeinde, how fun is that! While we're there, we briefly admire the front of Noordeinde Palace and slowly cycle on towards Lange Voorhout. We pass several cute little cafes, shops and restaurants, and then suddenly there is the Lange Voorhout with Hotel des Indes behind us. This famous hotel is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, what stories must have taken place here. Nice to take a look there. And if you come in the afternoon, enjoy a high tea in this stately ambiance. Are you a lover of graphic art? The Escher museum, also on Lange Voorhout, is full of beautiful artworks by this artist. You will keep looking at them. These artworks are displayed in a royal ambiance: the former winter palace of Queen Mother Emma.

The Lange Voorhout, what a beautiful avenue of trees this is, we stop at the Thorbecke monument. Thorbecke is the founder of our current democracy, and it stands in a special place then: from this monument you can look straight across the court pond to the Torentje. Where our prime minister has his office. Meanwhile, it's time for lunch! Our advice: when you are ready for a bite to eat and a drink, avoid the crowds and go to De Plaats, one of the oldest squares in The Hague where you can find several nice terraces. We obviously linger a little too long here and hurry on to Anuschka's last tip; the Denneweg. Fancy a glass of wine? Then drop in at Bouzy. Time for new lingerie? Then head to Madeleine.

Whether you are with your partner or a group of friends, The Hague has it and La Paulowna Boutique Hotel makes your stay just a little bit different and much more enjoyable! So stay there for at least one night and ask Anuschka for many more tips. Want to know more about La Paulowna Boutique Hotel? Read here more.

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