Reestlander wine with music in it!

On the border of Drenthe and Overijssel lies the beautiful Reest valley. The winding little river Reest flows through the valley. The Reest valley is an ancient valley. A small-scale cultural landscape with forests, heathland, hay meadows and old farms. In the middle of this idyllic landscape lies Wijngoed de Reestlandhoeve. The soil here is full of iron ore. Ideal for growing grapes. On the farm, they cultivate the land with natural fertilisers and minerals. And in the summer months, classical music even sounds through the vineyard. All these elements contribute to the best condition for their grapes.

Besides being a winery, the Reestlandhoeve is also a care farm
At the Wine Estate, people with various care needs are given the opportunity to use their talents as supervised volunteers. The Reestlandhoeve is a strong shoot on the Dutch vine and has been regarded by connoisseurs as one of the most outstanding Dutch vineyards for several years. The wine estate is known for its exceptional quality wines. This is combined with a care and guidance concept in which people with various care requirements participate within the company. There is a special offer of work-oriented and/or experience-oriented day care and guidance.

The Reestlandhoeve is a passionate family business. It has been a family business for generations. 18 years ago, John and Wilma Huisman made the switch from natural cattle breeding to producing natural Dutch quality wines. In 2003, the first vines were planted at the Reestlandhoeve. All wines are produced in a natural way and are internationally acclaimed every year. 

Johanniter, Solaris, Regent, Cabernet Blanc and the table grape Muscat Bleu
Because the vineyard is located so northerly in the Netherlands, they deliberately chose hybrid grape varieties. Grapes that ripen easily, even in colder and wetter weather. Over the years, John and Wilma have learned and developed many things. They found out, for example, that they have night frosts almost every year. In the beginning, they decided to leave an extra 'spare branch' for pruning, but this too would freeze to death. Now they have a separate watering system that sprays water over the branches during frost. This creates a layer of ice that protects the buds. In total, the farm has over 3 hectares of vines, including Johanniter, Solaris, Regent, Cabernet Blanc and the table grape Muscat Bleu. The latter is used, among other things, to make a liqueur and a red Muscat wine with a port character.

Reestlander wine with music in it
At the Reestlandhoeve they are always looking for alternative methods to keep the vineyard healthy. Since 2013 classical music is played in the vineyard. In the Netherlands this is the only vineyard that plays music for its grapes. There are also a few vineyards in Italy and South Africa that play classical music. Here, it has been confirmed that the cell walls become firmer, making grapevines less susceptible to fungi, bacteria and insects. Sound boxes have been placed in various places to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the grapes and also create a special atmosphere when walking through the vineyard. But there is also music in the wine! At least, in the names and the logo. To complete the story, each wine is named after a musical term. The rosé Allegro (cheerful), red-barrique Ballade (narrative) and the muscat-barrique Finale (the final piece).

Taste and experience the adventure of the winegrower
In recent years, various wines from the Reestlandhoeve have been awarded a medal at the AWC, a large international wine competition in Vienna. If you want to get to know the wines and the vineyard of the Reestlandhoeve, you can have a look here during opening hours, taste wines and of course the wines are also for sale here. Join a guided tour with wine tasting. They will be happy to tell you more about natural cultivation and the creation of the award-winning wines. You are welcomed with a glass of Reestlander bubbles. The tour ends with a wine tasting. Or you can walk through the informative footpath through the vineyard. It leads you through the vineyard, and along the way you will come across informative signs with information about grape growing, facts about wine in general and Reestlander wine in particular. The informative wine trail is in Dutch, German and English. Recently, the farm has been expanded with a beautiful Wijnbarn where you can enjoy the Reestlander wines with a delicious Boerenplank filled with local products. A great place to end the day.

Go out with your friends, family or colleagues (and stay the night)
There are various group arrangements such as a guided tour and wine tasting, a wine and food tasting, but also a wine and tuktuk tour or a wine and art painting arrangement. Don't feel like a fixed programme? They will be happy to prepare a tailor-made programme together with you. Would you like to extend your trip with an overnight stay? Then be sure to check out the possibilities at The Swallow's Court in Dalfsen. A hidden pearl in the green. Two luxe holiday villas, or the wings of the Zwaluwhof.

Villa Vleugel 1 is suitable for groups of 10 to 32 people. Villa Vleugel 2 is suitable for groups of 6 to 18 people.

Experience the atmosphere and taste the wines in the Wine Bar or on the Wine Terrace. Plan a tour of the vineyard and a wine tasting. Or walk the informative walkway through the vineyard yourself. You are very welcome at the Reestlandhoeve! On this link you can find more information.

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