Romance in Amsterdam! Listen to Rocco.

Not only Paris is the city of love. Mention 'Amsterdam' anywhere in the world and people immediately think of drugs, Heineken and the Red Light District. But few people know that aside from this raw side, Amsterdam holds a treasure trove of romantic stories and secret places. They can't wait to reveal themselves to you. Curious? Beautiful!

Hi, I'm Rocco, nice to meet you!
My passion is to help curious travellers discover Amsterdam with a fresh perspective! If you're looking for a sightseeing experience that takes you off the beaten tourist track, my tours are for you! Are you open to see the city from a different perspective? Do you want to discover beauty in places the masses have yet to discover? Then come with me and find out why more than 4000 visitors to Amsterdam have gone before you and let's discover this magical city together! I started my career as a professional dancer and choreographer and now use my artistic talent to design creative and intimate tours that transform the streets into a stage; behind every tile and every stone in Amsterdam is a story full of wonder. Amsterdam is more than just my hometown; it is the city I love and know in every fibre of my being. Visit Amsterdam and I will share my passion with you!

During the tours of Romantic Tour Amsterdam, you will discover the intimate and fairy-tale side of the city. Leave the well-known hotspots behind and you will experience the city in a personal way. You will discover that the soul of Amsterdam is most intensely alive in the quiet, hidden corners of the city. Amsterdam is an enchanting city and they share their most fascinating stories with you. The romantic private canal tour is ideal for couples who don't want to get lost in a large group. Are you on honeymoon or do you want a marriage proposal do? They make sure you can do so in an atmosphere of intimacy. Romantic Tour Amsterdam will make your visit to Amsterdam an unforgettable experience, for you and your loved one!

To give you an idea of the possibilities of Romantic Tour Amsterdam, we highlight two tours.

Romantic Evening Cruise AmsterdamWant to do something really special with your loved one in Amsterdam during Corona (Covid-19)? In the winter months, the days are short and the night falls early. But then, after sunset, thousands of lights come on. The old merchant houses twinkle in the dark, the canals sparkle and the city comes alive with night-time activity. Together, they create a moment of romance and wonder that makes the city a magical place. On this Evening cruise through Amsterdam you will be taken on a little adventure through this intimate cityscape. See yourself sailing over the canals when the evening has fallen. All the bridges are lit up and you and your loved one are sitting close together on a heated boat with a glass of hot Glühwein in your hand. The small, comfortable and silent electric boat will make you feel like you are the only ones on the water. Snuggle up together under soft blankets and float along the impressive 17th century canal houses, under the famous Amsterdam bridges and see how the people of Amsterdam live on their houseboats. While you listen to the sound of the murmuring water, your captain will tell you heart-warming stories. Discover Amsterdam legends and love stories, and fascinating details about the streets and architecture of this unique city. In between, enjoy specially selected music that completes the experience. And yes, an evening cruise on the Amsterdam canals is as romantic as it sounds.

A unique marriage proposal in Amsterdam

At Romantic Tour Amsterdam, they know very well how challenging it can be to create a marriage proposal that you won't forget for a lifetime. A surprise and yet with all the elements you dream of. They know from experience that a proposal can be one of the most special moments in a love couple's life. That is why they have Marriage proposal in Amsterdam created. A unique service for planning your proposal where you can relax and let Romantic Tour Amsterdam do all the work. They are known for creating a romantic atmosphere and telling stories about Amsterdam. And now they go one step further. With elegant and rustic styling, delicious food and drinks in the right location, this will be a fantastic event for insta-lovers. You can choose a starter package or let your imagination run wild. They will help you every step of the way to make your Dream proposal a reality.

It is good to know that there are also romantic, historical walks and two different bicycle tours that can be booked.
Would you like to experience the romance of Amsterdam? Then take a look at this link Contact Rocco!

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