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Here, with three rooms and a common room, you get more than just a bed and breakfast. The comfort it offers almost makes it feel like a hotel. But less anonymous and with a genuinely homely atmosphere.

Brielle, Zuid-Holland

You probably know the feeling as well; hearing the bell but not knowing where the clapper hangs. We had this feeling with Brielle, something with: sea heroes, Spaniards, fortified town and 80-year war... And Brielle has just gained a beautiful hotel!

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Where in the past the 'lifeguard' used to bang on the doors: "Hurry up, hurry up, there are more people waiting and... You won't get any cleaner...", you now have all the time in the world to enjoy the hotel and the restaurant.

Steenwijk, Overijssel

This listed building from 1886 was once a doctor's practice and since the end of April 2021 has been open as a charming B&B with the feel of a luxury boutique hotel. Experience history and enjoy luxury and ultimate hospitality. It's just right here!

Hoorn, Noord-Holland

We drive along the beautiful harbour of Hoorn, and arrive at the back entrance of Boutique Hotel Ysbrantsz. A truly beautiful new hotel with a contemporary feel. In the heart of Hoorn and at the front on the square the Roode Steen.

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