Zeeland, land of water. Climb the 207 steps of the abbey tower 'Lange Jan' in Middelburg. Spot porpoises and seals in Oosterschelde National Park. Taste the culinary delights of the sea, such as mussels and lobster. Learn how life was rebuilt in the Watersnoodmuseum. Eat a Zeeuwse Bolus. Visit the impressive Delta Works and be sure to make a stop at Neeltje Jans. Discover the monumental splendour of Zeeland's cities. Go in search of the wisent in the nature reserve De Slikken van de Heen. Book an Alpaca walk. Try a challenging mountain bike route. Lay down your towel on one of the many beaches. Walk along the monuments in Veere. Challenge yourself on the water. Take in the scent of the sea and relax. Enjoy local drinks. Light up your bbq on one of the countless uninhabited islands in the Veerse Meer. Walk along the old city walls in Sluis. Be amazed in Zierikzee. Zeeland, surprisingly beautiful!


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Middelburg, Zeeland

Where there used to be an inn and luxury home in a monumental building from 1650, hospitality now reigns supreme at Boutique Suites De Vier Patriciërs. A luxury B&B with four boutique suites in the heart of Middelburg.

Middelburg, Zeeland

In the heart of the old medieval city of Middelburg, you will find The Roosevelt. A hotel with a classic look, historic too, but with its colours and furniture it feels very contemporary. Also for a meeting or a gathering.

Zierikzee, Zeeland

We drive criss-cross through Zierikzee and through a narrow gateway we enter the quay of the Old Harbour, with Hotel Mondragon on our right. A wonderful place to stay the night, enjoy culinary delights, hold meetings and celebrate.

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