Poorter Boutique Hotel

Brielle, Zuid-Holland

From ramparts to the Blues; Brielle has it all 

Everyone knows the feeling of having heard the bell, but not knowing where it goes. We had that feeling in Brielle, something to do with: sea heroes, Spaniards, fortified town and the 80-year war... And Brielle now has a beautiful hotel: Poorter Boutique Hotel! So it's high time to discover and experience Brielle and Poorter Boutique Hotel.  

Picturesque with beautiful buildings and pretty facades, how beautiful Holland is. Brielle, or Den Briel as it used to be called, deserves to be discovered. When we enter the historic building of Poorter Boutique Hotel, we first take a look in the beautiful lounge. The warm colours and beautiful furniture in the lounge and the brasserie are immediately noticeable. An interesting fact is that the hotel was once the birthplace of naval hero Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp. 

Once we arrive at the hotel and Brielle, we make a journey through time in our minds. The hotel was named Poorter for a number of special reasons. Among other things, because Poort is the family name of the owners. But also because of the location of Brielle under the smoke of Rotterdam, the gateway to one of the biggest ports in the world and, last but not least, because of the gateway that one has to pass through to reach the fortified town. When you take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs in the lounge, be sure to look up. Poorter Boutique Hotel has two of the five oldest stucco ceilings in the Netherlands from the 16th century with beautiful ornaments. Poorter is also a great place for meetings. And for a lunch or high-tea you are more than welcome.

Due to the specific character of the building, the 11 rooms and suites are located in different places throughout the hotel. There are rooms adjacent to the garden, on the large mezzanine floors, but also directly under the monumental roof. One aspect, however, is always the same: the wonderful king-size Nilson bed and the luxurious bathroom. Since it is a historic and authentic building, it has retained its atmosphere with old stairs and beautiful 'sometimes low' beamed ceilings. You can taste the history!

If you want to visit Poorter Boutique Hotel there are some nice events in the year that make the visit even more special. For example the 1 April celebration. A local holiday on which the people of Brielle celebrate and re-enact the conquest of the Spaniards on 1 April 1572 by the Sea Beggars. Do you remember? On 1 April, Alva lost his "glasses" (Brielle). The annual blues festival in July is also worth a visit. Take a city walk with a local guide and learn everything about the rich history of Brielle. Furthermore, Brielle is very suitable for beautiful cycling and walking trips. You can enjoy cycling through the dunes and woods and the chance of spotting deer and cattle is pretty big. Go to the beaches of Voorne-Putten. Lovely to get a breath of fresh air, walk or enjoy a snack or drink at one of the many beach pavilions. The Brielse Lake is next to the city, so Brielle is also the place to be for water sports enthusiasts.

It's clear.... time to visit Poorter Boutique Hotel and Brielle. 

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Brielle, Zuid-Holland

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Poorter Boutique Hotel

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